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Crosby's Fund News

Crosby's Fund Awards $50,000 Grant for Neuroblastoma Research to Dr. Mark Noble at                       The Wilmot Cancer Center

December 2012 - Crosby's Fund and the Wilmot Cancer Center are pleased to announce the winner of the seed grant research award. James P. Wilmot Cancer Center Acting Director, Dr. Jonathan Friedberg, says, "We are so grateful to the supporters of Crosby's Fund for making this important research possible." The winner of the award is Dr. Mark Noble, and the title of the project is: New Therapeutic Approaches to Neuroblastoma.​ Read More ►

The Townson Trust Supports Crosby's Fund

November 2012 - Andrew Harris, whose son Simon passed away from neuroblastoma in October 2011, approached his friend Drew Townson last summer about the possibility of supporting Crosby's Fund. That conversation eventually led to Andrew speaking to the Townson Trust board of directors about Simon, Crosby and Crosby's Fund. The "Kenneth C. and Elisabeth Townson Charitable Trust" was created in the 1950s to help charitable causes determined worthy by the family. Read More ►

'Nancy Lives, Wilmot Gives' Donates $5,000 to Crosby's Fund

November 2012 - Crosby's Fund recently received a generous donation of $5,000 from another local charity. Nancy Lives, Wilmot Gives was created in honor of Nancy Roberts to raise money and awareness for the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center and for people affected by cancer in our community. ​ Read More ►

Exceptional Fundraising Results in $1,000 Prize for Crosby's Fund

October 2012 - After the PhotoFinish 5K was over and everyone went home, the diligent volunteers at the George Eastman House calculated the numbers and Crosby's Fund raised the most money for the Health Sector. The organizers of the race awarded $1,000 to Crosby's Fund for their fundraising efforts. Thank you to everyone who participated, fundraised and/or donated.  Read More ►

Go Crosby Go - 5K October 6th, 2012

October 2012 - Over 100 family and friends gathered early Saturday, October 6th for the 2nd annual Eastman House PhotoFinish 5k. Once again we have had a tremendous outpouring of support and have raised $114,790 for neuorblastoma research to date. It was an emotional day that began with rain and cool temperatures, but ended with sunshine, hot chocolate, treats and lots of proud runners and walkers. It was a wonderful way to honor Crosby and his legacy. Read More ►

Ultimate Challenge Raises $2,500 for Crosby's Fund

September 2012 - Some of Midtown's toughest athletes tested their physical limits in the 2nd Annual Ultimate Xtreme Challenge to raise money for Crosby's Fund for pediatric cancer research. We couldn't be more grateful to everyone for contributing your Saturday morning and your donation to this wonderful cause. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Read More ►

Suburban Outlaw: A run for the money can really pay off

Published October 3, 2012 - The last time I ran a 5K I was driven away in an ambulance because I passed out. That was eight years ago, and I haven’t run another one since. My husband jokes it was my way of getting to the finish line the fastest. Before that dramatic finish, I used to run 5Ks all the time. It was my doable road race. Even if you don’t run a lot you can pretty much put on your sneakers, run a 5K and feel accomplished.  Read More

Childhood Cancer Awareness Infographic

Why Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? Because many don't understand the challenges that pediatric cancer researchers, doctors and patients are facing. Learn why this month matters, then share your knowledge with the world. Read More ►

Research Assistant Professor hired for Crosby's Fund

September 2012 - Thanks to Crosby’s Fund, Dr. Xingguo Li will join the neuroblastoma research laboratory at the Golisano Children’s Hospital in September. Dr. Li will join the lab of Dr. Nina Schor, chair of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center and Pediatrician-in-Chief at the Golisano Children’s Hospital. Dr. Schor has spent the past two decades researching neuroblastoma.  Read More ►