Local Charity Donates Over $4,000 to Crosby's Fund

March 2013 - Nancy Lives Wilmot Gives is a Rochester based charity that was created in honor of Nancy Roberts to raise money and awareness for the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center and for people affected by cancer in our community. Mike Roberts, Nancy's son, who established the group decided for the second year in a row to donate half of the money raised at their annual fundraising event to Crosby’s Fund. Mike’s generosity and compassion for our cause is remarkable. Mike mentioned that the vision of "Nancy Lives" is to support meaningful endeavors at Wilmot Cancer Center and he believes we are doing just that. Rochester is a special community where people band together in difficult times. We believe both Nancy and Crosby would be happy that our charities have found one another. Thank you again to both Mike and his team for their hard work and dedication to fighting cancer. Please see their website for more information at: www.nancylives.com